Seasonal Recipes

Seasonal Recipes

Nothing beats a good bowl of soup during the cold winter days! (Oke, maybe a cup of hot chocolate…)
What I am trying to explain is that every season has its highlights. These highlights are based on #mood and seasonal offerings. Press on one of these Dutch Tiles to go to the seasonal recipes.

Just a small note; the seasonal offerings are based on the Dutch Climate. Always keep an eye on your local offerings in order to cook completely sustainable!

From April to June
Let’s leave the cold days behind and start the year by eating fresh & healthy. Find here the recipes which will bring you immediate to spring season. My favorite ingredient of the Spring? The Dutch White Gold, which is the White Asparagus!

Summer Recipes

From July to September
Time for sun & fresh summer fruits! Summer is definitely my favorite season of the year. Not only because it rains less, but also because of the fresh berries available. My favorite summer ingredient? My grandma’s homegrown blackberries! Or zucchini..

Autumn Recipes

From October to December
Autumn reminds me of cinnamon and other warm spices! Delicious in a pumpkin soup or a heartwarming stew. In the winter I love to eat wild meat or a good piece of meat bought at a local farm. Hungry immediately? Press here to go to one of my favorite stew recipe!

Winter Recipes

From January to March
It’s still cold outside, however everybody wants to start the year more healthy. The best season for a delicious vegetarian Beet Stew or vegetarian Pasta Bolognese!

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