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About the creator
My name is Lieke! I am a Dutch foodie, who is currently living in Amsterdam. I love to travel, to meet new people & to discover new places. Cooking is my biggest passion since it gives the opportunity to share your appreciation, culture & love. Throughout the years our local food cultures has changed into a more international cuisine. On this website I want to show you my story about Dutch Food Heritage. In order to share my view and favorite products, I will upload a blog sometimes. Curious?

The Vision of Dutch Food Heritage
The mission of Dutch Food Heritage is to create more awareness about the Dutch Kitchen. However since changes in food are necessary to support Mother Nature, recipes are adjusted. The more traditional recipes are upgraded in such way that they contain less (or no) meat, more sustainable ingredients and more vegetables. Most important is to stay true to your own environment and to cook with locally grown/made products. When a recipe calls for smoked fish, just check with your local fish seller what he or she has in-house.

In short, recipes of Dutch Food Heritage are focused on:

Either it’s an upgraded classic dish or it’s a dish which is highlighting the opportunities of a more sustainable food item!

You can look for recipes based on the seasons in the Netherlands. In a cold season? Look at the Winter Recipes to find heartwarming dishes!

A showcase of the Dutch Food Culture
and traditional recipes.

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