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About exploring & discovering local wine varieties
When people drink white wine, most people drink a Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. However there are so many other beautiful wine types available! It is not only exciting to try a new wine, but also better for nature. By drinking a wine made from a special or local variety you support biodiversity. Biodiversity literally means ‘different lives’. Now, you may think that each grape plant is the same. However all these plants have a different role in the ecosystem, different genetics and a different way of growing. Some grape plants grow in a colder climate, while other grape plants grow in a warmer or dryer climate.

Now, for this article we are going to talk about the Seleccío Blanc of the Vineyard Vega de Ribes.

About Tinc.Set.
Let’s start at the beginning. Two years Job, one of the owners of Tinc.Set., visited a winestore in Gràcia, Barcelona. Besides enjoying the beautiful weather and culture, discovering new local wines was also a daily activity. On that specific day he noticed a beautiful black wine bottle with golden ship on the label. He asked the vendor about the wine, who said: ‘This wine thrills people, in a good way. It provokes curiosity.’ He bought the bottle, and had a drink. He loved the wine so much, that he decided to visit the vineyard in order to meet the winemaker.

A year later, dreams became reality when they decided to start up a wine business named Tinc.Set. [Interested in their website? Find the link of their website here] Their mission is to share the story of independent Catalan winemakers. On their instagram and website they share information about the farmer, how the wine is made, where the grapes are growing and how the vineyards look. When you buy a bottle of wine, you also receive tasting notes and tips for food pairing.

About Enric & Vega de Ribes
The wine maker on the Vega de Ribes Vineyard is called Enric. He has craftsman, who has a great passion for wine making. His goal is to create special wines, which are interesting & moving. Therefore he loves to use local or older grape varieties. The vineyards is, among other things, known for saving the wine grape Malvasia de Sitges from extinction. This grape variety dates back to the time of the Greeks and Romans. To me, this is is so exciting!

Food & Wine Pairing – Tips
When you are serving food, wine can make or break a dinner. Especially when you serve a special wine like this one. Where to pay attention to when pairing drinks and food?

  1. Try to create the same flavor profile! When the wine is quite acidic, you need to add some citrus juice to your dish. Or when one of tasting notes is red apple, it is great to add some red apple to your dish. This will emphasize that specific tasting note.
  2. Dish with a Sweet, Spicy or Umami main flavor require a fruitier and sweeter wine!
  3. Fatty food items can best be served with a wine with tannins. When a wine is high in tannins it means that the wines creates a dry mouth feeling. This combines very well with fat!

What to serve with the Seleccío Blanco of Vega de Ribes?
Recently I served the wine with two dishes during a dinner party, and everybody was very enthusiastic! Interested in the recipes? Find the recipe for ‘Crusted Scallops with Creamy Cauliflower puree’ here, ‘the Fried Salsify with Lemon Cream‘ & Scallop Ragout. Press on the names to go to the recipes 🙂

I hope you have found some inspiration for your upcoming dinner party! Any questions about the wine or wine-food pairing? Let me know in the comments below.

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