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Since I love to support great initiatives, I would like to highlight one of my favorite chocolade bars. Not only because of the great flavor, but also since it gives you the option to support the local cacao farmer. Meet: The Other Bar!

This chocolate bar is an experiment powered by the United Nations and the Fairchain Foundation.

In each bar you find a QR code to activate your token. With this token, you can choose to support a cacao farmer with 1/4 cacao tree or with a discount of 25% on your next bar! Either way, you support the local farmer. You can even see where your bar is coming from!

The Token
Just after tasting this delicious chocolate, I scanned the QR code. Since I like to support local farmers, I choose to spend my tokens on investing in a cacao tree. Each token is equal to 1/4 of a cacao tree. So by consuming 4 bars, I directly helped a farmer to grow more cacao.

The Flavor (psst.. so DELICIOUS!)
And, one of the most important things to mention: the flavor of this Ecuadorian Cacao! I love it! Just like grapes, cacao beans can be very different in flavor. This all depends of the climate, soil and type of cacao tree. Ecuador has a great climate for cacao trees, and used to be the biggest exporter of chocolate. Nowadays, the locals and commercial companies invest time and money to bring back the old varieties of cacao trees and to keep the land in the right condition. I would describe the flavor of The Other Bar as fruity & powerful with a hint of coffee.

Meet the Team
“Each new tree is grown with care from specially grown Ecuadorian trees. The trees are native to the region and Jorge has invested thousands of hours in cultivating native trees’ resistance to disease. We asked him why he’s spent so long cultivating these trees and he said: “I have been working really hard and tirelessly making this farm and creating all sorts of experiments with cacao, not only to benefit the community for cacao producers that surrounds me and my farm and my community, but to leave a better life to my son and to my family.”
Source: @tob.equal [Instagram Link: here]

The Ultimate Chocolade Recipe
Personally I love to cook really simple dishes if the main ingredient is a high quality product. Therefore I made a delicious creamy chocolate mousse! In this dish I served the chocolate mousse with extra whipped cream. However this is optional! Press here to go to the recipe of the Dutch Chocolate Mousse (also named ‘Heavenly Mud’)

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