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Eating fermented vegetables is not only very healthy, but also very sustainable. In the past century, fermenting vegetables was a more common thing to do in Europe. Since it was hard to get fresh vegetables people would ferment, dry and preserve the summer/autumn vegetables. My grandma is still doing this every year. However, in general fermented vegetables are not extremely popular anymore. While they have so many advantages! Just to call a few:

1. They support a better digestion by making food items better consumable.
2. The fermentation adds extra vitamins/minerals.
3. A good amount of healthy bacteria for your intestines.
4. Last but not least, these vegetables add great flavors to dishes. For example, you can combine them with fatty or creamy ingredients.

The following recipes are made with the fermented vegetables of Kouchi Jars. Kouchi Jars is a start-up in Amsterdam specialized in making fermented vegetables. Roena & Layla decided to turn leftover into delicious crunchy snacks. Their mother is from Ukraine, where fermenting vegetables is still a very common thing to do. Especially during the winter, since getting fresh vegetables was hard during that time of the year. The business started when they decided to ferment vegetable leftovers. In the beginning they handed these out to friends and family. Nowadays, they are working on turning it into sustainable business. Curious to their business? See their Instagram page here!

Looking for recipes?
Here you can find a few recipes made with the products of Kouchi Jars! Looking for more recipes with fermented vegetables? Use this link to go to the tag #fermented.

  1. Sauerkraut Pastries, Raisins & Mustard
  2. Sandwich Fermented Cabbage, Aged Goat Cheese & Mustard Mayonnaise
  3. Fried Deviled Eggs
  4. Sweet Potato Mash & Sauerkraut

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